CLICK (Staged Reading)

Beyond Bars’ mission is to use social justice theatre to influence, raise awareness, and educate those in the Lehigh Valley region about the problems of mass incarceration and the carceral/justice systems. This is in hopes of reforming these broken systems and reimagining a more holistic, safe, and healthy approach to justice, crime and punishment, both locally and nationally. Alongside a bi-weekly newsletter, Beyond Bars 4.0 produced CLICK in Fall 2021 – a short play written by Dom Ocampo.

CLICK dissects the hard realities of youth within the school-to-prison pipeline, specifically from different cultural perspectives. As Derek, King, and Joni learn more about each other, we witness an ancient pattern: despite having vulnerable conversations, (cis-hetero) white people often continue to excuse and perpetuate an oppressive system.

Venue – Maginnes Hall, Lehigh University

Playwright, Director, Costume & Sound Designer, Production Manager – Dom Ocampo

Set, Lighting, & Projections Designer – Aiden Galbraith

Video Editor – Tommy Anderson

Stage Manager – Becca Landau

Production Mentor – Lyam B. Gabel

Project Advisor – Bill Whitney