GPS was a virtual, nontraditional production that fused elements of plays, choose-your-own adventures, and escape rooms. Audience members were able to move freely between breakout rooms on Zoom to watch one of three different spaces. At regular points, the audience had opportunities to engage directly with the narrative and — if they wished — attempt to solve cryptic obstacles encountered by the characters.

The story: The Generative Partnership Simulator is an experimental new machine that promises to bring couples closer together by allowing them to experience each other’s subconscious. Quinn, a member of the team that developed the G.P.S., has secured a spot on a test trial for their cousin Lex and close friend Riley, who have been in a serious relationship together for almost two years. It’s just complex technology still in testing, combined with highly subjective subconscious manifestations. What could possibly go wrong?

Venue – Diamond Theatre & Fowler Theatre, Lehigh University

Creative Director – Will Lowry

Production Manager – Trevor Flocco

Production Stage Manager R. Elizabeth Miller

Costume Designer – Kanea Brooks

Sound Designer – Phil Ingle

Puzzle Designer – Will Lowry

Director (Grade School Space) – Ivery Marquez

Director (Program Control Space) – Kayli Silimperi

Director (Storage Cellar Space) – McKenna Webb

Scenic Designer (Grade School Space) – Trevor Flocco

Scenic Designer (Program Control Space) – Bailey Sheehan

Scenic Designer (Storage Cellar Space) – Melpomene Katakalos

Lighting Designer (Grade School Space) – Dom Ocampo

Lighting Designer (Program Control Space) – Will Lowry

Lighting Designer (Storage Cellar Space) – Aiden Galbraith